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Introducing Caledonian School

Caledonian School is part of the biggest private educational group in the Czech Republic - EDUA Group, which works together with Tutor and top vision.



We enter 2016 with a new strategic partner who will support us in our further development.

Recently an agreement about the sale of EDUA Group (brands Caledonian School, Tutor and top vision) has been concluded between the current owners and the company Solotron, represented by Ing. Vladimir Schmalz.

Therefore we gained a new strategic partner who will support us in our further development thanks to his experience in education.  “The company Solotron has entered into EDUA Group as a strategic partner with the intention of investing into educational activities and creating additional opportunities for the development of the school at the education market,” says Vladimir Schmalz, CEO of Solotron, which successfully invests into educational and modern technology projects.

"I give EDUA Group, the largest educational group in the Czech Republic, into the hands of a strong strategic partner whose detailed knowledge of the market and the innovation potential gives us a guarantee for the further development of the whole group," says Radek Stavinoha, the former owner of EDUA Group.

The transaction does not apply to the higher professional school Ceduk and the University of Regional Development.

Thus, we are entering the new year 2016 with a new strategic partner. 



About EDUA Group


EDUA Group was founded in 2010 following the merger of three significant educational companies Caledonian School, Tutor and top vision. Our aim is to offer every customer the widest possible range of first-class education according to their needs and wishes. We provide education for the general public as well as to corporate clients on all levels of management. Our key products are language courses, professional courses (soft skills, hard skills) and preparatory courses for university entrance exams. We also provide studies abroad and translation through partners.


Caledonian School

Caledonian School has been in the market since 1992 and is the largest language school specializing in in-company courses. It is a member of the Association of Language Schools (AJŠ) and ISO 9001 certification holder. Caledonian school provides language education to more than 250 companies in the Czech Republic.


Caledonian School teachers

  • Strict recruitment procedure ensuring the highest quality and professionalism
  • Complex system of teacher development 
  • Motivational system connected to feedback from clients


Innovative approach

  • Development and application of new products; selecting and evaluating teaching materials and text books – very unique among language schools. Many of our own products have been and are being successfully used.
  • Use of modern technologies in the classroom – interactive boards, e-learning, and others.


Tutoring under control

  • Own, complex on-line testing system
  • Caledonian School Audit – used for independent audits and in the recruitment process for all in companies courses
  • Complex on-line system for managing and administrating tutoring


Range of Caledonian School’s work

  • We teach more than 10 000 people in 250 companies all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Certificates and membership

We are holders of the following certificates and we are members of the following organizations: