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The Recruitment Process

Given the values EDUA Group fosters, we put great emphasis on the selection procedure of teachers. You stand a good chance if you are open, communicative and friendly with maximum professionalism and a desire to further develop your skills.


In order to get to know the candidate well and set the appropriate terms of cooperation we take into account past teaching experience, educational background and methodological and practical knowledge. In a demonstration lesson, lasting 20 to 30 minutes, we provide the candidate with the opportunity to showcase their skills and influence the outcome of the interview. Each candidate is then provided with objective feedback. We conduct the selection in three stages.


Recruitment Stages



If you are applying from abroad, it is possible to conduct a SKYPE interview and demonstration lesson.


Some tips before the demonstration lesson that can help you to prepare a good lesson plan:

  1. We use the CLT method, the student should speak as much as possible
  2. Incorporate various activities
  3. The lesson plan should have clear goals and structure
  4. Try to elicit as much as possible from the student
  5. Do not give lengthy presentations of grammar but make sure that you understand what you are teaching



Caledonian School is a member of the Association of Language Schools of the Czech Republic (AJŠ) and is certified to ISO 9001 standards. For this reason, we prefer a University degree and require language skills at a minimum level of C1 of the CEFR, which the candidate must document with an appropriate certificate.


As for native speakers, the candidates are expected to hold a teaching certificate, TEFL being the minimum, in order to be interviewed, and a clearly documented teaching practice. On-line TEFL certificates will only be acknowledged in exceptional cases if the candidate demonstrates sufficient teaching practice.


We also offer job opportunities for experts in other fields (IT, law, HR, etc.) who wish to teach a foreign language, as well as talented students who are considering teaching as a future career. Excellent command of the respective language is essential. EDUA Group allows you to develop your teaching skills under the supervision of experienced mentors, methodologists and senior teachers in our Professional Development Program to help obtain the required teaching experience.


What to do if I do not have the qualifications to work at EDUA Group?

If you are thinking about teaching in EDUA Group and do not have sufficient qualifications at present, there is nothing easier than to start your teaching career with us.


EDUA Group has its own intensive TEFL training programme called TEFL in Prague (www.teflinprague.com).


The programme takes four weeks and includes both intensive training in teaching methodology and teaching practice with real students. All TEFL in Prague graduates who are assessed Pass 1 and Pass 2 are shortlisted for an interview with the EDUA Group Academic Management and stand a great chance to become part of our team of teachers.


Candidates with Pass 1 from TEFL in Prague have a guarantee of work in EDUA Group and an interview with the Academic Management is just a formality.


How does it work when I become a new teacher?

After successfully passing the interview and becoming a teacher in EDUA Group, the following is expected:

  • Completion of a personal questionnaire for the HR department
  • Completion of a questionnaire for a Course Management deparment
  • HR and Course Management orientation meeting, seeing the school
  • Signing of contract
  • Agreement of schedule
  • Academic orientation
  • Starting date of teaching
  • Observation within the first two months after the beginning of classes


What are the pitfalls of the teaching profession?

Every job has its advantages and disadvantages. We do not conceal that teaching position has its pitfalls for which it is good to be prepared. In every possible way we do our best to make your work as pleasant and efficient as possible.



Since Caledonian School is among the biggest language schools providing corporate language training, our teachers travel all over Prague and various other locations. Most teaching takes place in the clients´ offices. When building up a schedule we always try to take the teacher’s home area into account and make sure that ​​most courses are taught in blocks. Prague, by European standards, is a fairly small city, has a good public transport and the time spent by traveling can be much shorter and more efficient if thought through carefully.

Lesson cancellations

Many of our clients work in middle and senior management positions, and therefore sometimes cancel their lessons due to workload. We are aware of the situation and try to help. In every contract we have stipulated the deadline within which it is possible to cancel the course without further compensation. We can combine the teachers’ schedule with public and corporate courses as public courses guarantee a fixed schedule. By offering substitutions we make sure teachers' schedules are full so that they have a steady income. Teachers are also given the green light to arrange alternative dates and times with their students.


Summer work

Some corporate clients take a summer break (July and August) and interrupt their education. However, having a large portfolio of clients, we are able to alter, add and amend the schedules so that the range of lessons remains unchanged. Still, some reductions are unavoidable during the summer months. Our school also runs summer intensive language courses that provide job opportunities to all instructors who are able to teach these courses.