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References from Teachers

Chris Oliver (EDUA Group Teacher since 2011):

"I have been teaching for the Caledonian School for over two years and for me it was the perfect choice to start my teaching career in the Czech Republic. The support and guidance that I have received has been invaluable. The regular workshops available to teachers are extremely useful and help to improve teaching and motivational techniques. The well-stocked library, countless teaching materials and up-to-date computers are close at hand which makes planning and organizing lessons straight forward. I would fully recommend the Caledonian School to any teachers of quality that wish to succeed."


Edmond Grady (former EDUA Group Teacher):

"My name is Edmond Grady and I have been a teacher for Caledonian since July of 2012. Moving to a foreign country is difficult enough....finding the right job in a foreign country can be a nightmare. But for me...it was the opposite. At Caledonian there is a "real" support structure. They not only helped me with getting acclimated to the teaching life, but they also helped me adjust to the Prague life. My students are great, and having an employer you can depend on has made all the difference."