Experienced teachers will help you grow

Quality teachers are one of the pillars of Caledonian School. Only 5.9% of applicants meet our strict hiring criteria. Hence, today we have a team of 650 teachers who are the best in the field and who enjoy what they do.

Our work with teachers does not end when they pass the entrance interviews. We develop them further. We organize trainings. We listen to your feedback. They become better with every lesson they teach and you will see that you will enjoy learning with them.

How we choose our teachers

Relevant education is a must. Our foreign teachers need to have a university diploma and a teaching certificate – DELTA, TESOL, CELTA, TEFL or an appropriate alternative.
Our Czech teachers need a university degree in pedagogy, linguistics, or a different field in combination with a language certificate proving that their language level is at least C1.

If applicants meet these criteria, a team of five experts will work with them in an eight-phase hiring process.




Two HR specialists answer ads, actively address interesting candidates, and choose from TEFL program graduates.




The team looks at CVs and chooses suitable candidates.




Three methodologists join the HR team. During an interview, they check candidates’ knowledge of methodology and didactics, their experience, and motivation.




The candidate presents a lesson plan for a 90-minute lesson and teaches part of it. They then receive short feedback.




During the demo lesson we also consider the candidate’s soft skills – their communication and teaching skills, overall behavior, presentation, and suitability for teaching certain types of students.




We request and verify references.




Methodologists create an overall teacher’s profile. It contains a report on the teacher’s teaching skills as well as recommendations for the types of classes and students they can teach.




During an orientation meeting teachers learn about the school’s methodology as well as other procedures at Caledonian School.

We educate teachers in Caledonian School Academy

Being good is not enough. Our teachers become great by attending Caledonian School Academy, where we organize at least one methodological workshop a week at two different levels. Teachers also have an opportunity to exchange ideas in thematic swap-shops.

We want our teachers to be prepared for any situations they might encounter in their teaching careers. If they cannot find a workshop that would address an issue they are dealing with, they can consult their Senior Teacher or our Academic Department.

We maintain a high standard of quality also thanks to observations. We encourage our teachers to do peer observations where they observe their more experienced colleagues. Then they are observed by their senior teacher, who focuses on different areas of teaching and gives teachers detailed feedback as well as provides methodological support. Junior teachers are observed at least two times a year, more experienced teachers at least once a year.

Academic Department at Caledonian School

Our team is made up of methodologists and teachers at various stages in their careers. They have all undergone a complex hiring process.

  • Academic Manager is responsible for running the whole Academic Department and is the guarantor of teaching quality within the team of teachers.
  • Directors of Studies take active roles in hiring teachers and provide methodological consultations for teachers as well as clients. They evaluate teaching materials and create course plans. They are also responsible for workshops and observations within Caledonian School Academy.
  • Senior Teachers are experienced teachers with teaching experience of more than 5 years. They lead their teams of teachers, observe them, and provide feedback and methodological support. They also lead workshops in Caledonian School Academy.
  • Experienced Teachers are seasoned teachers with a minimum of three years of teaching experience. Apart from teaching general language, they specialize in certain types of courses (business, crash courses, soft skills and so on). They can be emblems of quality teaching for important clients. They can lead workshops and swapshops and other teachers can observe their lessons in peer observations.
  • Teachers are those with a minimum of one year of teaching experiences. They usually teach general courses, business courses, or exam preparation courses.
  • Junior Teachers are new teachers at the beginning of their teaching careers at Caledonian School. They primarily teach general courses, business courses or conversation lessons. During the first semester, they attend a set of mandatory workshops focusing on teaching skills. They can be observed up to three times within the first year of our cooperation.