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Zákaznická linka: 257 313 650
Email: info@caledonianschool.cz
Caledonian Languages, s.r.o.
U Půjčovny 2, 110 00 Praha 1

Czech Intermediate 2x2 (B1.1)

Termín výuky:

2×2 lekce týdně

Čas výuky:
Út, Čt: 19:30 - 21:00

Počet lekcí:
60 × 45 minut

Místo konání:
Pobočka Karlín
Karlínské náměstí 8

Kód termínu:

6 999,- Kč

Další termíny:

Čas výuky: 18:00 - 19:30
Místo: Praha 5 - Anděl

Course type:

  • traditional courses running 2 x 2 teaching hours a week
  • the course is based on the communicative approach (students communicate in the target language)
  • highly interactive classes, students work in pairs or small groups
  • the emphasis is placed on the development of all language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
  • grammar is taught in context (students themselves elicit grammar rules)
  • students acquire new vocabulary from context (pictures or authentic materials)
  • maximum number of students per group is 12

Level B1 accordingto the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

What I know: 

  • I know the basic grammatical features such as genders, the genitive, the present (dělám, rozumím, pracuju, čtu), past (Pracoval jsem.) and futuretense (Budu odpočívat.)  or conditional clauses (Kdybych neutrácel peníze, jel bych na krásnou dovolenou.),
  • I also know gradation of adjectives (dobrý – lepší – nejlepší), the forming of the adverbs, the use of the dative (Řeknu to mamince.), the instrumental (Jdu s kamarádem.) and the vocative (Davide!) 
  • I am able to have simple conversation about my hobbies, life experience, travelling, fashion, cooking or relationships
  • I am able to make an order in a restaurant and communicate in everyday situations such as shopping, giving directions or booking a ticket
  • I am able to write a simple letter or e-mail and read and understand a simple text (e.g. a newspaper ad).
  • I will be able to form and react to simple questions and understand a native Czech speaker when talking slowly and clearly about familiar topics  
  • I am able to speak about my dreams, wishes, travelling and other common topics 

What I will learn:

  • I will learn new grammatical features 
  • I will considerably extend my vocabulary knowledge
  • I will strengthen my communication skills and will be able to communicate in various situations
  • I will understand more detailed information and improve my ability to discuss different issues 
  • I will express my opinion and will understand the arguments of others
  • I will practice my quick reaction in every situation

 Please complete the following Czech placement test. You should reach level Intermediate.

  • the course is taught by an experienced teacher (a Czech native)


We reserve the right to change teachers of courses.

Please see the Trade conditions under the link "obchodní podmínky" above to learn more about the trade conditions for the language courses.

Výukové materiály

Česky krok za krokem 2 (1-5)