Caledonian School is part of the biggest private educational company in the Czech Republic –

EDUA Group. Join our team! 

Interview process

Given the values EDUA Group fosters, we put great emphasis on the selection process of teachers. You stand a good chance if you are open, communicative and friendly with maximum professionalism and a desire to further develop your skills. If you meet the description, a team of professionals will guide you through the hiring process.

After reading your CV, we will assess whether you meet the required criteria.

If so, you will be contacted via email or phone and invited to an interview. This interview can be a personal meeting or a video conference.

Part of the interview will entail a demo lesson. You will receive instructions regarding your demo lesson plan along with your interview invitation.

Your submitted sample lesson plan will be assessed and if approved, we will confirm the date of your interview and we will look forward to meeting you.

We will discuss your experience during the interview and you will get an opportunity to teach a part of your lesson.

We will contact you about the interview results within a few days after your interview.

General requirements

Caledonian School is a member of the Association of Language Schools of the Czech Republic (AJŠ). For this reason, we prefer candidates who fulfill the following criteria:

  • a university degree, preferably in teaching or linguistics,
  • language skills at a minimum level of C1 of the CEFR, which the candidate must document with an appropriate certificate,
  • native speakers should hold a teaching certificate (e.g.: TEFL/CELTA or a relevant alternative).