Language soft skills will teach you to use specific skills in your target language. You will learn the specific vocabulary connected with the skill, including frequently used phrases and collocations. You will also work on correct pronunciation and intonation. These intensive courses can last half a day to two days depending on the topic. By using our methods “train & learn” and “work & learn,” you will be able to practice the language in real-life examples and situations.

Choose your language soft skills course


preparing for the presentation, structure of the presentation, presentation skills

E-mailing Skills

writing e-mails, principles of formal and informal communication

No Czenglish, please!

most common mistakes Czechs make when speaking English, pronunciation and intonation

Business Etiquette

rules of communication in a business environment, body language, getting rid of bad habits


negotiation techniques, body language, presenting arguments

Time Management

working with time, systematic work, planning

Start Active Speaking

stop feeling ashamed to speak, overcome language barriers; emphasis on active communication

Small Talks

natural communication at conferences or during a business lunch


leading meetings, structure of a meeting, speaking in front of a group

People Management

leading and motivating employees

Typology of Customers

distinguishing between types of customers, ways of communication


establishing contacts and business relationships

Telephoning Skills

fluent and natural speech, rules of addressing people, frequently used phrases

Dealing with Problems

searching for logical and rational solutions, presenting arguments

Customer Care

communicating with customers, keeping good relationships, showing customers you care


principles and tips for logically structured, fluent, and fast communication

We will gladly prepare a language soft skills course reflecting the needs of your company. Please contact us via email at or via telephone at 257 313 650.

Soft Skills Academy

Our academy is a long-term program designed to develop language skills in combination with professional skills. The course plan is created in cooperation with you and should prepare you or your employees to solve any situations in your working environment.

We use authentic materials such as emails, phone call recordings, presentations and so on. We can also shadow you at your workplace and prepare a detailed report with feedback. We will suggest possible solutions including product training in the target language. You decide what is covered in the training modules.