We cooperate with professional translators in 53 languages. All of them have the necessary qualifications and certifications. Together with Jipka we have built a stable platform, which has been gaining satisfied clients since 1988.

We can also provide certified translations of documents and their notary-certified copies, interpreting, and guided tours of Prague. We will provide all of these services on time and in perfect quality. We will always respect your individual requirements.

Choose a translation and interpreting into one of 53 languages

  • We guarantee maximum quality of translations according to the norms ČSN ISO 2384 a ČSN ISO 12616.
  • We will translate everything, ranging from common texts to legal documents, manuals to letters, advertising slogans and screenplays to technical documents. We can also provide their certified translation.
  • We can provide translations of specific texts, as we cooperate with field translators and specialists.
  • Standard translations are done within three days, express translations to common languages can be done within three hours.
  • Our translators are bound by a confidentiality agreement, thus we guarantee complete confidentiality when dealing with confidential documents.
  • We will deliver the translation electronically, via e-mail or messenger. You can also pick the translations up in person at our branch.
  • We also offer additional services such as graphic or layout design, typesetting, printing and binding, or scanning.
  • With long-term clients we also prepare a dictionary of terms. Hence even when the translator changes, the consistency of texts remains.
  • We also provide proofreading by native speakers and also specialized proofreading by a specialist from the field.
  • We are able to interpret simultaneously (in real time) or consecutively (translator and speaker take turns). We can also provide court interpreters appointed by the Court of the Czech Republic.
  • We cooperate with certified interpreters in 53 languages. We can also arrange interpreting between two foreign languages.
  • The standard time for finding an interpreter is no longer than three days, and in the case of express interpreting it can be done in two hours.
  • We also provide additional services such as providing interpreting equipment, transporting the interpreter throughout the Czech Republic, or interpreting via telephone.
  • We can also prepare dubbing based on audio or translate texts for any type of film. We can even provide complete dubbing according to HBO quality standards.

Choose a guide – throughout the Czech Republic and in 53 languages

  • Take your business partners for a nice walk in your town.
  • We have a team of guides with relevant certification and authorizations for Prague and the whole Czech Republic who can speak 53 languages
  • We offer special tours in Prague, trips in the Czech Republic, and unusual experiences or trips according to clients’ wishes.
  • In our Business Welcome Service we provide complex care for guests from the Czech Republic and abroad. We will take care of airport transfer and accommodation, we will provide guided tours, sightseeing, or tickets to cultural events, we will book tables in restaurants. We prepare the whole package with respect to the client’s needs and wishes.